Far beyond a basic virtual classroom and a web conferencing tool AdorbisEdu has an advanced learning portal with student management, class scheduling tools, course builder for online courses and tutorials, homework, quizzing and assessment modules, resource library and plenty of other tools.

Go Beyond the Simple Virtual Classroom


Cloud Classes

Cloud-based learning. Online learning, or elearning, that is available in the cloud; meaning that resources are stored in a virtual environment, accessed from various forms of web-enabled devices


e-learning is provided using the expanding power of the Internet. E-learning means moving away from the traditional classroom learning experience and into the learner’s world. It means that participants can learn at any time and any place around the world.


Mobile cloud learning, a combination of mobile learning and cloud computing, is a relatively new concept that holds considerable promise for future development ...

1. Managed Teaching Solutions

2. Web Developments

3. Hosting & Cloud Computing

Go Beyond the Simple Virtual Classroom

Adorbis Tutor Professional is an enterprise-class online learning solution for universities, schools and training organizations. It covers the entire educational cycle - creating learning content, to delivering it to students, testing and assessment. It supports multiple instructors, teachers, and staff along with multiple virtual classrooms for multiple simultaneous live online classes.


Cloud Computing



Virtual Classroom Solution for Individual Teachers

Provide separate plans for individuals working over the Web. Arrange one-on-one or group classes, individual tutoring sessions and web meetings at a low cost. These two plans provide one reusable single virtual classroom for group or one-on-one classes and one teacher profile. With both plans, you can train an unlimited number of students

Professional for Training Organizations & Online Schools

Professional is an enterprise-class product designed for online schools and universities working with multiple teachers and having more than one class at the same time. Cover the entire instructional cycle in your organization. Deliver training and educational services in a state-of-the-art online collaboration environment. Integrate with existing applications in your academic infrastructure.



The Solution...

  • Proprietary website.

  • Unlimited data storage

  • Unlimited tools for you and your team to work together, wherever you are.

  • Individual signup for students.

  • e-Staffroom for teachers.

  • Multi Integration solution with third-party apps.

  • IOS and Android app solution.

  • Low data consumption application.

  •  Create online quizzes, free quiz maker. ... Create Custom Tests & Exams Online. Secure & private 

  • A centralized hub for all your content and ideas. No matter how large or complex, manage all your visual projects across one shared workspace.


SSL is a security protocol that provides privacy, authentication, and integrity to Internet communications. SSL eventually evolved into Transport Layer Security ...

Go Beyond the Simple Virtual Classroom

Live Virtual Classroom

Teach online in a live virtual classroom with audio, video, whiteboard and a lot more tools. Have unlimited live classes and web meetings. Track class attendance.

Online Courses & Tutorials

Create online courses and tutorials. Manage your students with personal, password-protected profiles. Safely build up your student database. Arrange student groups.

Quizzes, Tests & Homework

Assess your students with online quizzes and assignments. Encourage them to self-improve by giving regular homework and tasks to complete.

Adorbisedu Professional for Online School, Universities & Training Organizations

Your complete online education strategy powered by AdorbisTutior Professional

Key Features

  • Student & Staff Management

  • Online Courses

  • Live Virtual Classrooms

  • Simultaneous Live Online Classes

  • Multiple Teachers & Presenters

  • Student & User Grouping

  • Resource Libraries

  • Homework Á Quizzing

  • Testing & Assessment

  • Fully Managed and Hosted

  • Centralized Management

  • Flexible Licensing Models

Provide Subscriptions, Rent, Sell, Video Lectures.

Set Up your Educational Video Channel for students


Your complete online education strMonetize your video content by setting up paid channel subscriptions. This monthly fee allows your subscribers to access all of the paid videos on that channel. This pay-wall is a great way to separate your public and premium content.strategy powered by AdorbisTutior Professional